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Counseling & Social Work

RCSD Staying Connected to the Community:   

Social and Emotional Wellness Hotline  


  • Effective immediately, the RCSD will support a Social and Emotional Wellness Hotline available for students and families to utilize as needed.
  • This hotline will be staffed by the school social workers. 
  • Community members will be prompted to leave a message, which will be returned within an hour M-F between 8am & 8pm.
  • In order to accommodate various family and essential work schedules, the hotline will also run Sat & Sun 12-4pm. 
  • The purpose of the hotline is to respond to school community needs by listening to parents/students/families, providing resource information, and addressing social and emotional wellness overall. 
  • This is not a hotline to deal with emergencies. In the case of an emergency, community members will be directed to call “911.” 


Hotline Number: 734-545-8807

Mon- Fri: 8am – 8pm

Sat- Sun: 12pm – 4pm


Thank you,

The Riverview Social Work Team


Marci Heulitt              Grace Schenkel        Stacey Williamson-Carotta  

A new Schoology group, Social Emotional Learning Resources has been created. They are loading a lot of useful information for families to access during this trying time.The link to the group is           Access Code: 86VB-S6PZ-9WXS4


Additional Resources:
Michigan Cares about the Emotional and Mental Well-being of our Children
Michigan Department of Health and Human Resources Abuse and Neglect contact info
Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network (Wayne County Community Mental Health)
24-Hour Centralized Access Center Crisis Information and Referral Help Line 
Toll Free: 800.241.4949 
Local: 313.224.7000 TTY Line: 866.870.2599
National Suicide Prevention Hotline and website
Comprehensive Mental Health Guide for COVID-19